• BlinkStick Nano

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    BlinkStick Nano is the successor of the original BlinkStick LED kit with two super bright full color LEDs on top and bottom! Each one can be controlled individually. BlinkStick just keeps getting smaller and Nano is our smallest ever notification device. 

    All BlinkStick API implementations already support BlinkStick Nano. Python, Microsoft.NET, Mono, Node.js, Ruby, Processing, Linux, Windows or OSX are all ready for you to tinker with BlinkStick Nano.


    • Board plugs directly into computer's USB port
    • Integrated ATTiny85 with BlinkStick Nano firmware
    • 2 very bright individually addressable WS2812S RGB LEDs
    • Maximum 0.3W of power output on all LEDs combined at full white brightness
    • Maximum power draw 137 mA
    • Powered by computer's USB port
    • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX without the need of any additional drivers
    • Supported on a wide range of programming languages
    • Supports USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
    • Dimensions - length: 28 mm, width: 26 mm, height: 6.5 mm
  • BlinkStick Nano
  • BlinkStick Nano
  • BlinkStick Nano

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