• BlinkStick Square

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    BlinkStick Square gives you 8 individually addressable RGB LEDs in a super small square package! They are nicely aligned around the edges of the baord and is ideal to create running lights or use each pixel for separate notification type. You no longer have to limit yourself to just one LED and now you can have 8!

    Please note that the picture shows LEDs running only at 5% of their total brightness. Pixels are EXTREMELY bright and easily light up a room at full white color brightness and they are very hard to properly capture on a camera. The camera sensor just goes crazy with the amount of brightness they produce!


    • Integrated micro USB socket
    • Integrated ATTiny85 with BlinkStick Pro firmware
    • 8 very bright individually addressable RGB LEDs
    • Maximum 2 watts of power output on all LEDs combined at full white brightness
    • Maximum power draw 420 mA
    • Powered by computer's USB port
    • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX without the need of any additional drivers
    • Dimensions - length: 28 mm, width: 26 mm, height: 6.5 mm 

    What will you need?

    Just a micro usb cable to connect to the computer. But hey, everyone has one! They usually come with mobile phones and tablets :-)

    What can you do with BlinkStick Strip?

    • Behind the monitor notifications on the wall
    • Inside your computer case to light up the internals of the computer you've built
    • Learning to program in Python, Node.js, Microsoft.NET and any other programming language supported by BlinkStick Pro
    • Build your own notifications with a programming language of your choice
  • BlinkStick Square
  • BlinkStick Square
  • BlinkStick Square
  • BlinkStick Square

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