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    BlinkStick Flex combines a flexible LED strip with BlinkStick Pro into one amazing device! At the heart of BlinkStick Flex is a super small board that barely fits on your fingertip. Flex connects to WS2812 LED strips to control them individually and provide power from computer's USB port. It's smart enough to automatically adjust the power draw from the USB port based on how many LEDs are controlled.

    You can cut the LED strip anywhere through the cutting lines to change the length of the strip or split into two or more parts by attaching wires.

    The bottom side of BlinkStick Flex LED strip contains double sided tape making it very easy to attach to any surface. It takes just under a minute to attach BlinkStick FlexLED strip to your monitor! It's the best way to see glowing notifications behind your screen on the wall!

    All BlinkStick API implementations already support BlinkStick Flex. Python, Microsoft.NET, Mono, Node.js, Ruby, Processing, Linux, Windows or OSX are all ready for you to tinker with BlinkStick Flex.


    • Integrated micro USB socket
    • Integrated ATTiny85 with BlinkStick Flex firmware
    • 32 individually addressable WS2812S RGB LEDs
    • Can be cut to desired length
    • Maximum 2W of power output on all LEDs combined at full white brightness
    • Maximum power draw 500 mA
    • Automatic brightness limiting based on the number of LEDs connected
    • Powered by computer's USB port
    • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OSX without the need of any additional drivers
    • Supported on a wide range of programming languages
    • Supports USB 1.1/2.0/3.0
    • Dimensions - length: 1070 mm, width: 10.3 mm, height: 3.7 mm, spacing between LEDs: 33mm
  • BlinkStick Flex
  • BlinkStick Flex
  • BlinkStick Flex
  • BlinkStick Flex
  • BlinkStick Flex
  • BlinkStick Flex
  • BlinkStick Flex

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