• BlinkStick Kit v1.1

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  • Description

    New and improved smaller BlinkStick with brighter LED!

    This pack contains all parts required to build one BlinkStick. It's designed to be small (the size of an average USB Flash key), but still easy to solder even for beginners. The kit comes with a preprogrammed ATTiny85 chip with the latest BlinkStick firmware, presoldered SMT LED and capacitor.

    Once the kit is assembled, the LED can be controlled with the computer.

    Bag of parts contains:

    • PCB board with gold plated pads, presoldered SMT LED capacitor
    • USB plug
    • 10 uF electrolytic capacitor
    • 0.1 uF tantalum capacitor
    • 2 x 68 Ohm resistors
    • 2.2 kOhm resistor
    • 2 x 3V6 zener diodes
    • ATTiny85 with BlinkStick firmware v1.1
    • DIP8 socket

    Detailed build instructions available at http://www.blinkstick.com/help/build

    In order to solder the kit you will need:

    • Soldering iron
    • Some solder


    • Board only is 16 x 38 x 1.5 mm without components
    • Assembled size is 16 x 53 x 9 mm

    Note: 20p coin is not included :-)

  • BlinkStick Kit v1.1
  • BlinkStick Kit v1.1
  • BlinkStick Kit v1.1

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